Going the way as planned – together.

Projects are definable tasks that further develop organisations. Project owners, project managers and project team members work together to achieve the project’s goals. In project management it is important that the project’s structures are set up adequately, that the project management process is developed and adhered to properly, and that the social factors (agreeing on rules, clarifying roles, communication structures etc.) are not forgotten.

In terms of project management my clients are concerned with the following topics:

  • I am faced with a complex task and do not know exactly how to start.

  • I need someone who supports my project(s) professionally from beginning to end.

  • I am supposed to implement a project, but there is no project manager available.

  • I need someone to get the project out of a crisis.

  • I would like project management training for the employees.

  • I would like to strengthen the social factors of those who often work in projects.

  • I need someone to support, advise or coach the project manager.

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”
– Henry Ford