Auf Deiner persönlichen Frequenz lebst du ein vollkommenes Leben.


The WomenPowerCircle is an evening of women, with women, for women. We come together to grow, celebrate, laugh, express ourselves and heal together in a safe and secure circle. To support each other in our sisterhood and to be seen, heard and perceived in our womanhood. We also come together to bring this power out into the world and thus reach more and more women. On these evenings it is NOT about: us women against the men. It is about freeing ourselves from the shackles of the past and patriarchal education, to come into our true primordial power and to live in peace and balance with the masculine in us and in the world. Only then can patriarchy come to an end and we all grow together as human beings in peace.

Around full moons and/or annual celebrations there is usually an evening by and for women. Details can be found on the events page.

Every change begins with the first step