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„Children are true teachers, if you only listen to them.“

Energy work with children & adolescents

Children are very sensitive and often feel more than adults. They have direct access to their feelings and to their soul level. They express what they think and usually know exactly what they want. They encounter the world, the people, and the adventure that is life in an open and curious way.

To preserve this even in difficult and turbulent times, I offer energetic support for children and adolescents.
I help them in a performance-oriented society to regain access to their true self, to harmonize, strengthen and promote their self-awareness and self-confidence.
I accompany this process, in which the parents are often involved, attentively and emotionally.

Energy work activates the self-healing powers and supports:
Fear of any kind

  • Concentration difficulties
  • Tension, nervousness
  • Learning difficulties, listlessness
  • Overeating, hyperactivity
  • Tiredness, sleep disturbances etc.

I always offer again fantasy and sound travel for children. Details can be found here.

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