Your personal frequency lets you live a perfect life.

Energy work & sound massage

I support you in mastering particularly challenging tasks in the field of energy. Contrary to doctors, psychotherapists, osteopaths and similar occupations, energetic work focuses mainly on the subtle realm.

Human energetics often serves as an additional holistic medical support for the following:

  • health complaints,
  • stress, energetic blockages,
  • nutritional issues,
  • tension,
  • exhaustion, fatigue,
  • difficulty concentrating

Sound massage (according to Peter Hess®) is a special type of energetic work in which the client is set into vibration by sound through singing bowls. The sound massage is a holistic method in which the following can be achieved:

  • Deep relaxation,
  • Strengthened human trust,
  • Harmonization, regeneration and vitalization,
  • Better body awareness,
  • Access to unused resources etc.

“On the journey to yourself, you can only grow.”

Every change begins with the first step