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Constellation work on the wheel of life

Shamanic constellation work is a wonderful method to recognize higher energetic connections and to dissolve blockages. The wheel of life I work with is a form of the European medicine wheel, which was developed by Axel Brück. I was fortunate enough to learn it from KristaGilda Kerner (

The wheel of life is the image of the cosmic order or the order in life, which is universally valid. It also stands as a symbol for the cycle of life. All aspects of our personal and global existence have their place in this wheel. We find in it the forces that block us and those that support us. Crises and problems are a sign that something in our life is not in order, not in its place or that we are under the influence of a force that makes us consciously rise into another force.

With the help of the shamanic constellation work on the wheel of life you can recognize where you stand right now, what you need, where it goes, which force blocks, and which can dissolve the blockages. You can get the support that helps you to go your way successfully and in full power, to implement projects and plans and to grow personally.

This is what participants of past constellations are saying:

“I’ve never participated in a constellation before and didn’t know what it was. I didn’t go there to solve a problem but because I was curious to learn what was behind it and wanted to feel it myself. And I felt it – it was overwhelming! Andrea guided me very carefully and empathetically through the world of my soul. It was a beautiful journey and brought me unexpected insights that had always been there, but I just didn’t see. Andrea showed it to me and sensitized my consciousness. Thank you!”

“I thought I had already experienced everything that concerns constellation work, the medicine wheel appealed to me because I saw no possibility for a self-manipulative approach – Bingo! – a harmless, apparently emotionless business topic led to profound emotional insight.”

“The way of the line-up on the medicine wheel is very powerful. Andrea Cerny guided the participants through the process very empathetically, intuitively and competently.”

“Since I already have some experiences with constellations and I always like to learn new things, I was very positively and pleasantly surprised with the medicine wheel constellation.
In a very short but intensive time, I was able to recognize and resolve very important topics!
It is good, if you are ready to face your life and to be allowed to move away from your usual paths.
Through a simple method you succeed in reaching your goal in a pleasant time! Even if tears will flow it contributes to an unbelievable purification of the spirit, the mind and the heart.
After this constellation I felt liberated and was able to view my life from a completely new perspective with fresh motivation.
Thank you very much!”

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