Systemic loop

In a personal conversation, we clarify your concerns, formulate clear goals and define the focal points of the collaboration. You tell me the starting situation, the available resources and framework conditions. This is how we define the framework in which we want to work together and the context that influences this frame.
Every customer is unique and individual. Therefore, my concepts are always tailored to your needs. Through regular consultation and reflection discussions, they are again and again and again. I follow my work of systemic loop.

„Tell me, and I’ll forget it. Show me, and maybe I’ll keep it. Let me do it, and I will.“ – Konfuzius

Action and experience-oriented approach

It is known from learning theory that the learning effect is the biggest when you can not only see and hear the content, but also experience it, and thus have the emotional component that ensures a sustainable learning effect. Asked tasks and exercises that need to be solved are intended as a mirror for the problems. By solving these tasks, reflecting and deducing and transferring the insights into one’s own practice, we gradually approach the common goal. The participants should be controlled from the comfort zone to the learning zone.

Neither people nor systems are changing from one day to the next, and that’s a good thing. Unwinding takes time and space. Nature is deliberately and purposefully used as a method to achieve agreed learning and development goals. Being able to move outdoors, in nature, enables a change of perspective and widens the horizon. The discussion of basic personal issues becomes possible. To enable sustainable development, I usually accompany people and systems for years; the result of many insights and change steps brings sustainable development with it.

3-Ebenen-Modell der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Sparte Humanenergetik

As can be seen in the 3-level model of human energy practitioners (source: WKO), the energetic/subtle matter has a significant influence on the body.

This short film by the WKO explains what it means to work in the subtle realm (in German):

Energetic consulting is always targeted. This means that the client defines their troubles and agrees on what and how they are to be challenged. Supporting methods often used are:

  • Breathing techniques,
  • Meditation,
  • Imaginary journeys,
  • Table configurations,
  • Colors, fragrances, flavors,
  • Music,
  • Interpretation of the aura,
  • Magnetic field application, as well as
  • gentle touch of the body or specific laying on of hands on certain parts of the body, always considering bioenergetic, geobiological, electrobiological, building biologicaland geomantic aspects.